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  • Georgia- Self Love Bestie

    Your body does not deserve to be hated. A little bit of self compassion to your body and your mind on this journey is hard work to get started on, but once you cut yourself some slack and realise that your body is not the enemy, things do get easier.
  • Samara- Body Positive Queen

    "Nobody can limit or restrict you, but you. You have one life, live it to appease yourself, not others. You are worthy of a life that makes YOU happy. You do not need to look like everyone else, or believe in the “norms” that society sets. Your individuality, your uniqueness is what makes you, you. Be the best authentic version you can be, wake up everyday & live your life your way."
  • Hayley Street- Powerlifting Babe

    Meet Lulah Co ambassador Hayley Street! She's an Aussie gal who we stumbled across her powerlifting journey on tik tok and we absolutely fell in love with her body positive and joyful movement mindset! Hayley is inspiring plus size gals to push their limits and move their body in powerful new ways! 

  • How To Start Moving Your Body Again

    Many of us have stopped exercising for a long time or simply don’t exercise at all. We are here to help you get started again- we get that it can be hard to know where to start or to find the momentum to do so! Here's some tips to support you in returning to movement!
  • How to Love Your Body

    Everyone has their own idea of what the perfect body looks like. Some people are tall and thin, some are short and curvy, some are muscular and strong. We all have different types of bodies and it's so important to love yours no matter what it looks like. Here's some of our top tips on getting started with loving your body today!
  • Exploring Body Positivity

    Body positivity is a social movement that promotes self-acceptance, body satisfaction and emphasizes confidence. It is all about loving yourself, no matter what! Let's dive deeper into what body-positivity is and where it all began!