Hayley Street- Powerlifting Babe

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"You don’t need a certain body type to be allowed to practice self love through movement!" 

Meet Lulah Co ambassador Hayley Street!

She's an Aussie gal whose powerlifting journey we stumbled across on tik tok! We absolutely fell in love with Hayley's body positive and joyful movement mindset!

Hayley is inspiring plus size gals to push their limits and move their body in powerful new ways! 

She's has something she would love to share with you!


Hey Hayley, how did you get into power lifting?


My journey into lifting weights began when I realized I wanted to exercise for my health and for the enjoyment of it, rather than to change my body.

Powerlifting was a natural progression for me because I love pushing myself to see what my body is truly capable of!

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What is something you would love to share with other curvy gals looking to get into fitness?


If there was one thing I wish more people could hear, it would be that you are stronger than you think you are! Your body is capable of so many things; you just need to discover the movements that you love and run with it!

Also, bigger bodied women are absolutely welcome in the gym. You don’t need a certain body type to be allowed to practice self love through movement!


Hayley is one of our brand ambassadors and regularly shares her experiences of movement in her Lulah Co.'s. We love working with Hayley because of her kind heart, kick ass attitude and mission to empower curvy gals like you to step into new ways of moving their body!

Hayley wears a 2XL Luxe bottoms and 2XL bra

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