How to Love Your Body

how to love your body
Everyone has their own idea of what the perfect body looks like. Some people are tall and thin, some are short and curvy, some are muscular and strong. We all have different types of bodies and it's so important to love yours no matter what it looks like.
Maybe you feel like your thighs are too big, your butt is too small, or your boobs are too saggy. Maybe you're not sure exactly what's wrong with how you look—you just know that something is. And if this sounds familiar to you, we want to tell you: it's okay.
It's okay to want to change things about yourself. It's okay to want to be healthier or happier or more confident than you are now. It's okay to want to get fit and feel amazing in your own skin.
But we also want to let you know that there's nothing wrong with loving yourself exactly as you are right now, no matter what shape or size or age or colour or gender identity or sexual orientation you are. There's nothing wrong with wanting more for yourself but also being grateful for who you are today and how far you've come so far.
When you love your body for what it is, you'll feel more confident and happier. You'll also be able to do more things that you enjoy because you won't feel uncomfortable doing them in public or around friends. 

Here are some tips on how to start loving your body today:

  • Focus on the things that make you feel good about yourself instead of trying to change something about yourself that doesn't need changing. Try writing down three things that make you happy about who you are and your appearance every day. This will help boost confidence and self-esteem!
  • Take care of yourself by eating healthy foods, exercising regularly, drinking lots of water, getting enough sleep every night (around 8 hours per night), taking time off from work or school every week (even if it's just a few days), spending time with friends/family members who love the real YOU inside (not just an image from social media).
  • Think positive thoughts about yourself and your body. No matter how many times someone says "I love how curvy/thin/big/small/whatever women are," remember that their opinion doesn't matter—what's important is how YOU feel about yourself and YOUR body! We have just released Body Positive Affirmation Stickers in our store, check them out! They are an easy way to get started with adding positive affirmations into your daily routine.
  • Try new activities! Maybe there's something outside of your comfort zone that you've always wanted to try but never had the courage before now? Go for it! It might be scary at first but it will make you stronger than ever before! Often when we are feeling shy or ashamed of our bodies we don’t let ourselves try new things- screw that. A Lulah Co gal emailed us just the other day to say that she had returned to swimming after being out of the pool for 2 years, she hadn’t had anything suitable to wear in the pool and had lost her confidence. She swam in her leggings and found such a freedom- she felt joy to be moving and to be present in her body again. Don't miss out on life because you are feeling down about the way that you look.
  • Reflecting on the things you like about your body. Maybe it's your smile, or maybe it's your eyes. Maybe it's your hair or your nose, or maybe it's just the way you feel when you look in the mirror and see yourself as a whole person rather than a collection of parts. Whatever it is, start by focusing on all the things that make you feel good, and let those feelings guide you through this process of loving yourself more
  • Think about what makes other people feel good about themselves and how they express themselves outwardly (clothes, makeup, hairstyles), and then think about how those traits could be incorporated into your own style without feeling like an imitation or taking away from who YOU are as a person (hair colour is one thing that comes to mind). Have fun with yourself and your body, EXPRESS!
Loving your body isn’t a straight forward journey, we get that. It's a journey with many twists and turns, but its not something you have to do alone! We are here beside you, let us lift you up and inspire on down where its a little more rough. Take a deep dive into our self-love and body-positivity archives, we promise you’ll find something that’ll light you up!
Much love,
Nic @ Lulah Co.

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