Samara- Body Positive Queen

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You do not need to look like everyone else, or believe in the “norms” that society sets. 

Your individuality, your uniqueness is what makes you, you.

Introducing our brand ambassador, body positive Queen and the gal who will inspire you for your next hike or trip to the gym- Samara!

We met Samara on our socials when we were searching for someone who could inspire our community to move their bodies from a place of love and self-care! We adore Samara's sass, her fire, her commitment to putting herself first and straight up responses to gym trolls and bros. Samara is a woman who prioritizes her health and wellness, being the best mama that she can be, and showing up to show gals just like you that #stronggirlseason is here!

Lets chat with Samara!

Hey Samara! We would love to know a little about your story with your body and movement:

I grew up always being “the big girl” & from a young age I believed that to be beautiful meant to be skinny. I worked out to be skinny, I ate (or didn’t) to be skinny. But even at my smallest, I was unhappy, I was the most unhappy I had ever been and that’s because body positivity is deeper than appearance, it’s a mindset. Today I am at my heaviest, but I have a different mindset. I workout because I love my body, I move because I adore all that my body has done for me, she has given me children, continued to move when I’ve wanted to stop. My body has loved me unconditionally even when I haven’t. Now it’s my turn to look after her.

What is something that you would love to share with our community? 

Nobody can limit or restrict you, but you. You have one life, live it to appease yourself, not others. You are worthy of a life that makes YOU happy. You do not need to look like everyone else, or believe in the “norms” that society sets. Your individuality, your uniqueness is what makes you, you. Be the best authentic version you can be, wake up everyday & live your life your way.

What is your health, well being or fitness goal you’re working on at the moment?

At the beginning of my fitness journey I wanted to be slimmer, have a flatter stomach, perkier bum. Now, I just want to be strong, and maybe outrun zombies in an apocalypse 🤪

What do you love about Lulah Co , our products and community ❤️ 

Lulah Co is a movement. The entire kaupapa is one to be celebrated. For so long certain sizes were/are excluded from the fashion industry, discarded & forgotten about, & Lulah Co is like the big sister of the fashion industry that steps up, picks you up & says “you are seen, you are heard and you are worthy”.


If you want more Samara follow her on socials @samarakhyat


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