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Hey, Nicole here!

Lulah Co. is the creative expression of my dreams and values. It’s a manifestation of my devotion to supporting other women who have walked the same path as I have, the journey towards true self-love and body positivity. I wanted to create an activewear brand that created a space for women to love their fuller figures through joyful movement and forge some fiery change in the plus-size fashion industry!

Why? It’s my dream to empower women to come to a space of love within and for their bodies. I struggled with this myself for years, and I still get wobbly some days. 

When I was in a bigger body I was teaching yoga , but I wasn't able to easily find a brand that catered to my curves....let alone nourished my soul. At this time all I saw was women who looked nothing like me "shredding" it at the gym in an attempt to prep their summer bodies. I thought that it would make me happy to look like them. So through a series of diet culture led methods, I lost 50kg....and life was easier. People treated me differently, the world was kinder... but the joy of this was fleeting as I still felt insecure and unhappy in my body regardless.

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Over the last year or so my body shape has changed again, becoming softer and regaining my curves. At first I felt panicked and confused- what body shape and size would ever make me feel happy and safe? Would weight regain take away the new life I had built?

This part of my story is what has brought me to the body acceptance and positivity movements- its been a journey of learning to love my body through thicc and thin. Of choosing to move my body to feel good, not in an effort to conform to body standards or fitspo bullshit.

When I looked around me I could see that the majority of activewear brands, though becoming increasingly size-inclusive, still advocated that movement was a method to change your size or shape. Of course, weight loss may be consquence of movement. But, should it be the only reason to move?

This was my lightbulb moment.

I realised that I wanted to see more body diversity represented by more activewear brands! I wanted to see size-inclusive brands that went beyond what was currently on the market, and most of all, I want to see a strong body-positive message that advocated for movement as self-care.

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A mantra of mine is that when an idea comes to us in life, it is our responsibility to birth it into the world. I feel such an energy, a passion, and a sense of life with Lulah Collective. I believe my life's experiences and struggles have brought me to this place for a reason.

My intention to bring my work as a therapist and yoga teacher, as well as my life's experiences with my body together in Lulah Co.

Here , you will find empathy, inspiration, and a community of gals who get you!

I am building this for all of us, and have big aspirations to build this little Kiwi biz into a movement that will shake up plus fashion in Aotearoa and beyond!

Are you with me?

With love, Nicole Gaviria

Want to connect? Listen to The Body Posi Club as I continue on my body positivity and self love journey,

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Nicole Gaviria founder lulah collective

From living in a friend's garage to running her own plus-sized activewear business

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